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Service & Repair

Bike Service and Repair at Fairfax Cyclery

Everything you'll ever need to take care of your bike can be completed by our experienced service department. Found found at fairfax Cyclery store, keeping your bike in tip-top shape has never been so easy. Please call ahead for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

New Bicycle Tune-Up: FREE

Thanks again on the purchase of your new bike from Fairfax Cyclery! Within the 6 Months after you receive your bicycle, you are entitled to free basic bicycle tune-ups. In this time, your new bicycle will experience a "break-in" period where all of the cables will stretch and the bearing assemblies will settle in. You may notice that the gears begin to skip and the bicycle generally loosens up slightly. We will perform a basic tune-up free of charge to get your bike back in perfect running order.

Basic Tune-Up: $75

If you're just bringing your bike out of winter storage for the spring or are a hardcore rider prepping for a race, Fairfax's basic tune-up will get you rolling. This tune-up includes adjustments to the brakes (disc brake bleed add $20 per brake), gears, headset, bottom bracket, and hubs. Our mechanics will also spot true your wheels and lube the chain and cables for smooth operation. Parts and accessories installation is additional.

Ultra Tune-Up: $125

This tune-up takes the basic service a couple of steps further.  Included are inspection of your frame and components for wear, the removal of your chain, cassette, and crankset for cleaning in a solvent tank, cleaning of components, and cleaning and polishing of your frame.  We also check the suspension components on mountain bikes. Parts and accessories installation is additional.

Complete Overhaul: $199

To get your old bike running like new! Complete disassembly of bike down to frame, clean and inspect all parts, full detail clean of frame, and overhaul of headset, hubs, and bottom bracket.  Plus we put it all back together again!  Cables, housing, and shock overhauls are additional.

Our Labor Rates

#1 Tune Up $75.00

#2 Tune Up W/ Cables $95.00

#3 Tune Up W/ Dura Ace Or Campy $95.00+Cables

#4 Tube Or Tire Install Front Or Rear $10.00

#5 Install Stans System $20.00+ Parts Per Wheel

#6 Drive train Install $35.00

#7 Chain Install $5.00

#8 Cassette Install $ 10.00

#9 Chainring Install $20.00

#10 Crank&BB Install $25.00

#11 Crank Install $15.00

#12 Cable Install $10.00

#15 Headset Install $ 30.00

#16 Fork Install $30.00

#17 Drivetrain Clean $35.00

#18 Wheel Build $70.00

#19 Fork Ohaul $60.00 + Parts

#20 Rear Shox Ohaul $35.00 +Parts

#21 Shifter Install $15.00

#22 Road Shifter Install $25.00

#23 Derailleur Install $15.00

#24 Handlebar Install $15.00

#25 Handlebar Tape Install $ 15.00

#26 Rear Hub Ohaul $ 30.00

#27 Front Hub Ohaul $20.00

#28 Chris King Ohaul Rear $ 45.00


#29 BB Face and Chase $ 30.00

#30 Head tube Face $ 20.00

#31 Bike Build Frame $80.00 Hour

#32 Bike Build Frm Box $80.00

#33 Frame Bearing Replacement $60.00 HR

#34 Check Over/Safety Check $35.00

#35 Shock DU Bushing Replacement $15.00

#36 Wheel True $15 to 25

#37 Bike Wash $30.00

#38 Tubular Tire Install $40.00

#39 Brake Adjust $15.00

#40 Brake Install $20.00

#41 Disc Brake Adjust $20.00

#42 Disc Brake Install $30.00

#43 Disc Brake Bleed $20.00

#44 Disc Brake Facing $30.00

#45 Derailur Adjust $10.00

#46 Derailur Align $15.00

#47 Rear Hub Adj $15.00

#47 Front Hub Adj $10.00

#48 Headset Adj $10.00

#49 Pedal Install $5.00

#50 Warranty Charge $25.00

#51 Rack Install $10.00

#52 Seat Install $5.00

#53 Stem Install $15.00


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